Friday, October 21, 2011

Three Weeks to GO...Ready to CRAFT? Join us!

Three weeks to go until CRAFT begins...and we're ready!

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Here's some more of what you'll experience:

Our Name Yourself extra project is interactive and fun - remember swapping charms with friends? After each workshop, you'll get to choose a charm for your nametag that speaks to your heart based on the project you've completed. These are just 2 of 16 meaningful, lovely charms - and you can trade 'em!

Will it be an owl for wisdom? The keys to your future? A Birdcage with an Open Door for your freedom? So many choices!

Our Message in a Bottle extra project will inspire you to talk to the future you...what do you want her to know? Don't'll be your secret.

You won't forget that you're by the lovely pacific. Not only will it be in your sightline the whole time you're CRAFTing, but you'll be surrounded by these:

Seats still remain for this incomparable event...with the talents of Amy Tan, Stacy Cohen, Paige Evans, Linda Barber and Ly T. Le!

In case you've forgotten the projects, here are the details:

You’ll spend a magical weekend focused on
embracing who you truly are and who you aspire to be.

What Matters Most Workshop
Amy Tan’s workshop will have you thinking about what matters most in your life, and how to keep those things in focus and balance. She’ll empower you with her
effortless approach to creating from your gut.


 Free Your Heart Workshop
Ly T. Le’s mixed media project will give you the opportunity to create a piece of highly dimensional art that will explore what makes you feel free,
and how to access more of that feeling.



Double Agent Workshop
This innovative folder project - a file of thoughts, ideas, hopes, and wishes - with Linda Barber will let you explore the faces you show the world, and the ones you don't. Who are you now and who would you like to be? And how do the two coincide?


3D Vision Workshop
Paige Evans’ workshop will help you process an important life experience by looking at it from the vantage points of before it occurred, while it was happening, and after it was over.
You’ll gain clarity, perspective and inner vision in this most enjoyable workshop.


Bridging the Gap Workshop
Stacy Cohen’s project will prompt you to look at a past accomplishment and apply the skills you developed in reaching your goal to a future dream, bridging the gap from past to future.


And we'll be joined by our friends from LA's ONLY Local Scrapbook Store:

Sonja's team will be there with a custom storefront with anything you may have forgotten...and great additional items from the collections we'll be using. Discounts galore and a way to support an LSS - the heartbeat of the scrapbook industry...we love Sonja! 

So what are you waiting for? If you have any questions, comments, special requests, please email us anytime:

Rachel and Paige
(this photo is an oldie but a goodie!)


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